In November 2021, TpESTATE set a target to build a Model house at its Kent Eco-Friendly Vacation Community in 7 weeks from start to finish. These photos document the activities of the seven weeks and after. At the end of December 18th, 2021, TpESTATE completed 85% of the end. Kent is known for its extensive beaches, strong fishing community, and being a centre for the slave trade during the 17th and 18th centuries. Its located at the very southern tip of the peninsular, West Area Rural District of Sierra Leone and lies approximately 30 miles east of Freetown. Its history goes back to the time of the slave trade. Tourism attractions include; the beach, the King’s Well, and the basements that slaves were kept in until the boats arrived. St. Edwards Church that slavers attended for worship and ferry to nearby Banana Islands.

Finished Home

Construction Process